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Data Driven Decisions. Done Right. the industry’s first AI-driven software intelligence platform purpose-built to accelerate decision-making.

Digital BizOps, powered by, combines Business, Development and Operations data to generate actionable insights that continuously improve the outcomes of digital business initiatives.

Imagine your AI-driven platform. 


Reducing manual IT tasks


Improving pipeline velocity


Enhancing capacity to innovate


Reducing security breaches

Empowering the world’s leading companies.

You imagine. We deliver.

Transform Customer Experience

Coty Ensures Flawless Digital Experiences

Innovate with Speed and Confidence

Breaking Down DevOps Silos at KPN

Optimize Alignment & Flow of Value

Toyota Financial Services Australia Maximizes Project Investments

Ensure Digital Trust

Comcast Safeguards Business Growth While Mitigating Compliance Risks

Under the hood of

A powerful platform to drive your business.

Visibility before it happens.

Automate the collection and correlation of machine data that’s critical to your business and IT operations.

Any data. Any source.

Uncover the actionable insights from all your data — no matter the source or format. With support for 200+ sources, we have you covered. Boost speed and productivity through re-use and out-of-the-box integrations.

Proven AI & machine learning.

Put our proven AI and machine learning algorithms in the driver’s seat for predictive and proactive business decisions. Our algorithms are tried and tested at scale in other industries, most notably in payment security for identifying credit card fraud.


Harness the untapped value of your data to optimize your digital business.

Comprehensive ecosystem.

Convert data into action by combining comprehensive ecosystem observability, advanced analytics, robust security, and intelligent automation. provides insights across your digital delivery chain, from mobile to mainframe, and all points in between.

Open architecture: built to scale.

Built to scale on an open architecture including Elasticsearch, Kafka and Apache Spark Machine Learning. correlates and analyzes the industry’s most comprehensive data sets, leveraging data on topology, network flow, user journeys, transactions, time-series, and more.


Bring your own data and homegrown AI/ML innovations to extend the scope of This unique extension mechanism also allows for inclusion of custom software components all packed as Docker containers and deployed to a Kubernetes/Openshift cluster.

Deploy your way.

We understand that your business may run on a mix of on-premises, private cloud and third-party, public cloud services. By offering a secure, hybrid cloud deployment, gives you greater flexibility and more data deployment options.

Custom dashboards.

Make faster informed decisions at any level. From CxOs to SREs, we have your view into your data delivered when and where you need it using the tools you prefer. Includes support for open source customizable dashboards like Kibana or Grafana.

Model and visualize.

Dynamic service models allow you to model and visualize across your complete SDLC. These ontologies are used in business impact calculations, incident management, and other insights.

Predictive analytics.

Automate the collection and correlation of machine data that’s critical to your business and IT operations. Increase workforce productivity by using natural language processing to recommend related incidents, cases, and knowledge, while decreasing resolution times and manual errors by automatically routing and categorizing issues.

Intelligent automation.

Automatically trigger proactive execution of remediation scripts, and the automated updating of tickets to reflect the steps taken—all before users ever notice there’s an issue. Employ machine learning on past heuristics to assign recommendation scores to possible automation actions.

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