Majority of the enterprises today have some type of cyber security initiative in progress or on the radar these days. Even with this dedicated focus, cyber security remains one of the biggest, unsolved problems of our time. With so much hype on Artificial Intelligence (AI), it’s no wonder people are talking about how AI can be leveraged for cyber security and cyber defense.

Artificial Intelligence is an extension of intelligence from humans to machines. Very similar to ages ago (am I dating myself?), when a team of individuals continuously monitored the enterprise for attacks, hacks, threats and manually fixed them, suppressed the attacks and blocked the intruders to defend the enterprise, we have an absolute need for an automated, intelligent solution that continuously defends your enterprise. This intelligent system needs to learn normal behavioral patterns and be smart enough to understand rogue behavior to immediately detect and block these threats, attacks and hacks before it causes any damage to the enterprise.

So how do you build an Artificial Intelligence Cyber Defense system? Well, there are multiple start-ups in this area and if you do not want to rely on someone else, a dedicated, intelligent cyber defense initiative is a must. Building a machine learning mechanism to capture and analyze real-time data, dumping it into a data lake to classify, cross-reference and build the correlation models to predict abnormal behavior that will continuously adapt and learn everyday to identify unknown threats, flag them and alert you is the need of the hour.

What about skills to build a system like this? Well, you need a dedicated executive sponsor that I am sure you will find if you can craft a compelling business case! For the actual work, a cross functional scrum team of a security architect, a network expert, a data science person and a skilled Python / R programmer or a team of programmers, at a minimum, are needed to build an intelligent cyber defense system using machine learning & deep learning algorithms. Start small to visualize your network with the help of the network expert and let your system capture real-time data. The security expert can then help differentiate abnormal behavior that will help the data science expert to build the AI engine – machine learning / deep learning models to identify and predict threats. Then build on top of it. You may need to continuously tweak the AI model for it to self-learn and strengthen your cyber defense.

All the best in your quest for cyber defense!

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