What’s your organization’s vision for digital transformation? Simply moving an existing service online, or upending your markets? The reality is that today’s AIOps solutions are fueling breakthroughs in terms of what’s possible. In this blog post, I’ll take a look at some of the innovations taking place in the market, and examine the massive impact advanced AIOps solutions can have on your digital transformation initiatives.


Where Will Digital Transformation Take You?

What does digital transformation mean to your business’ leadership? That’s looming as an increasingly important question. Within many organizations, digital transformation initiatives  start with a focus on a specific project. For example, leadership will focus on moving an existing service to a new digital channel.

While there’s nothing wrong with starting pragmatically, the reality is that digital transformation isn’t a project; it’s a journey. That’s why it’s important to understand the longer-term direction and ultimate destination. Ultimately, digital transformation can have an impact not only on digital interactions, but on operations, business models, and entire markets.

There’s numerous examples of digital pioneers, companies that have converted digital savvy into the innovative offerings and models that disrupt competitors and even create entirely new markets. While these disruptors are often digital-native upstarts, what I find most exciting are examples of well-established enterprises that have transformed their businesses.

Take for example a leading telecommunications firm that has transformed its complex operations infrastructure and gained insights for optimizing all aspects of the software delivery lifecycle. Through these AIOps-driven initiatives, they’ve been able to enhance customer experience and streamline new service delivery. Now, instead of needing several months to deliver a new service, it takes less than two weeks. As a result, the organization is outpacing its competitors, delivering differentiated services that are disrupting its markets.


Innovations Open up New Possibilities

Digital disruption is being propelled by innovations in three key areas: big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and automation—and the pace of innovation continues to accelerate. Advancements in each of these areas are being brought to bear in AIOps, which is fueling increasingly significant potential in terms of the operational and business benefits. The reality is that teams can now leverage significantly more powerful capabilities today than they could even just a year ago, and the payoff can be huge. According to a survey we conducted with Frost & Sullivan, enterprises that adopt an advanced digital experience infrastructure see their profits increase two-times faster.


Our Vision for Transcending AIOps

To date, AIOps has largely been associated with IT operations, which is not a surprise given the phrase stands for artificial intelligence in IT operations. However, we at Broadcom have a vision for the category that transcends IT operations.

At its core, AIOps is about customer experiences, and IT operations teams aren’t the only groups that have an interest in, and contribute to, customers’ digital experiences. Line-of-business leaders, development organizations, security staff, testing teams, and more all play a critical role. However, for the most part, these teams have been operating in silos, employing unique tools and workflows. The result is that these different groups are ill-equipped to effectively share data and collaborate. When done right, AIOps will analyze and correlate data across all these teams.

At Broadcom, we are executing on a vision to use AIOps to connect business goals, customer experience, and application delivery systems in a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement. Automation.ai represents the realization of our vision of connecting data, not tools.

Automation.ai combines comprehensive ecosystem observability, advanced analytics, and intelligent automation to provide comprehensive insights across your digital delivery chain, from user experiences with mobile applications to backend mainframes, and all points in between.

Our platform correlates and analyzes comprehensive data sets, leveraging data on topology, network flow, user journeys, transactions, time-series, and more. It then applies AI and machine learning to these data sets, using algorithms developed and trained based on extensive digital business data from the world’s largest enterprises. We then apply proven machine-learning techniques in a continuous fashion to ensure the right automated actions are taken to proactively solve today’s most complex IT problems. automation.ai fosters continuous improvement, enabling teams to realize these objectives:

  •  Optimize service delivery. By providing unified intelligence and advanced management and monitoring capabilities, your DevOps teams can view the software delivery lifecycle holistically and optimize every phase to consistently deliver flawless, secure customer experiences.
  •  Increase operational efficiency. Automation.ai represents a single platform that fuels insights and efficiency. The solution enables organizations to employ a single platform for the entire digital delivery chain. With Automation.ai, disparate teams can share data, collaborate, and optimize, with unprecedented ease and efficiency.
  •  Accelerate innovation and transformation. By enabling collaboration and optimization throughout software delivery lifecycle, our platform helps your teams realize breakthroughs in their digital transformation initiatives from transforming experiences, to reinvent businesses, and ultimately disrupt markets.

We believe that Automation.ai will transcend AIOps by extending benefits to all the teams that contribute to a customer’s digital experience. By combining comprehensive ecosystem observability, advanced analytics, and intelligent automation, our platform helps your teams optimize service delivery, increase IT efficiency, and accelerate innovation. Watch this video, where I share more about how we’re helping customers become digital disruptors and see how you can get started on your digital transformation journey.


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