To stay ahead of their organization’s rapidly evolving technological environments, business requirements, and security threats, teams need new AI and machine learning technologies that augment and automate decision making. Digital BizOps from Broadcom addresses these emerging requirements by integrating business, development, and operations data to generate actionable insights. Powered by, the industry’s first AI-driven software intelligence platform, Digital BizOps can enable teams to continuously improve decision making and the execution of digital initiatives, therefore yielding enhanced business outcomes.

In our three part blog series, we are taking an in-depth look at the machine learning architecture of In our first post, we examined why artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are becoming such critical imperatives for today’s enterprises. In our second post, we offered a detailed look at the architectural approaches Broadcom has taken in developing In this final post, we examine the key advantages the platform provides.

The Advantages of

Through employing a range of patented and differentiated capabilities and features, the platform provides a wide range of advantages to customers:

Maximizing data utility

With, teams can combine data from all products into one model, so algorithms can be used to evaluate everything—maximizing the value of data captured and aggregated.

Offering contextualized, correlated intelligence

With isolated, domain-specific visibility, efforts like troubleshooting can demand a lot of time, effort, and expertise. streamlines these efforts by providing the power of multi-layer visibility and correlation. With the platform, teams can unify intelligence from different domains. The platform can incorporate different ontologies to create a uniform playing field for data that algorithms can run on.

Facilitating effective analysis

By describing the realities of an environment with a unified data model, the platform enables teams to have robots take on a range of analysis use cases. With these capabilities, enables teams to conduct analysis that can be very broad in scope and also very precise.

Powering intelligent automation

The platform’s combination of a unified data model and applied expertise enable teams to establish intelligent automation that offloads a range of tasks from human analysts.

Delivering current, complete, and accurate model of the run-time environment

As environments continue to grow more complex and dynamic, gaining a clear, accurate picture of the operating environment only gets more difficult and time consuming.  enables teams to establish—and maintain—a current, complete, and accurate picture of the run-time environment. As a result, teams don’t have to rely on old diagrams, or keep manually creating models that quickly become out of date.


Digital BizOps represents a modern solution that uniquely empowers business, IT, and development teams to meet their ever-intensifying demands. Digital BizOps is powered by, a software intelligence platform that provides an unparalleled array of capabilities. Through its differentiated architecture, enables teams to gain a unified view of their dynamic business and IT landscape, and leverage the automation and insights needed to realize optimized decision making, operational execution, and business outcomes.

To learn more, be sure to read our white paper, How Delivers Scalable, Powerful, and Agile Machine Learning.

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