In today’s digital economy, organizations that can change faster will win. To gain the agility required, enterprise leaders are moving away from their legacy approaches and employing new BizOps methodologies. In this post, I examine how teams need an approach to successfully capitalize on BizOps, and I offer a detailed look at the capabilities delivered by the Broadcom Digital BizOps solution.

Digital Transformation and the Agility Imperative

While the phrase “digital transformation” may imply a process with a beginning, middle, and end, the reality is that digital transformation is a journey, one that will never be complete. In order to succeed in this journey, teams must be ready, willing, and able to adapt—and be able to do so quickly.

However, the reality is that traditional technologies and processes are stifling organizations’ agility. As IDC analysts report, “Digital disruption moves too rapidly and unpredictably for traditional organizational structures and models—they simply can’t adapt and respond quickly enough.” (Source: IDC, “BizOps: The CIO’s Guide to Multiplied Business Transformation,” February 2019).

Increasingly, decision makers are recognizing the need to employ new approaches in order meet their imperatives. BizOps represents one example of the novel approaches that are now being adopted. BizOps is a strategic approach to gaining alignment across the organization—including across business, IT, and software development—to continuously optimize digital business initiatives. Much as DevOps helps align software development and operations, BizOps promises to deliver the same agility and alignment across all aspects of the digital business.

The Challenge: Disparate Tools and Data Silos

If organizations are to succeed in BizOps, legacy technologies and models aren’t going to cut it. For years, various teams across business, operations, and software development have worked with their own sets of tools and technologies. These disparate tools generate a lot of valuable data—data that could inform business strategy, development priorities, and operational improvements. However, in most organizations, this data largely exists in silos. While information may be available to specific teams or individuals, there has been no way to correlate and analyze this data holistically, in the context of the digital business overall.  Because of these limitations, teams have struggled in scaling their digital transformation initiatives.

Digital BizOps: Powered by

Today, Broadcom offers enterprises a way to break through traditional organizational silos to maximize trust, alignment, and transparency across the entire digital business. Broadcom’s Digital BizOps solution delivers IT business management, DevOps, and AIOps capabilities in a single solution powered by an AI-driven software intelligence platform that enables a unified, enterprise-wide approach to data (See our blog post on for more information on the engine and the key requirements it addresses.)

Broadcom’s Digital BizOps solution leverages AI and machine learning to analyze, correlate, and connect business and IT data across domains, establishing an unprecedented degree of transparency and visibility across the organization. With this solution, enterprises can boost agility, optimize operational efficiency, and foster increased trust and collaboration across the organization.

Digital BizOps Solutions

Digital BizOps delivers complete solutions that enable teams to improve operations, service levels, software, and business outcomes. The Digital BizOps solution suite features these offerings:

  • AIOps. This solution delivers AI and machine learning, automation, and comprehensive ecosystem observability. With this solution, teams can optimize service levels, operations, and business performance.
  • SecOps. Our AI-driven SecOps solution delivers resilient, scalable authentication and authorization, so you can manage hybrid cloud complexity while controlling cybersecurity risk. Our SecOps solution delivers AI and machine learning to fuel intelligent threat detection, response, and mitigation—enabling teams to stay in front of their rapidly changing environments, vulnerabilities, and threats. The solution can ingest threat analytics and other intelligence from across the enterprise, and correlate this information with applications and users.
  • DevOps. DevOps, Agile, and continuous delivery promise to speed development velocity. However, for too many organizations, the reality is that testing practices remain stuck in the past. With our AI-driven DevOps solution, you can establish testing at every phase of the software development lifecycle, so you can reduce defects, speed delivery, and improve quality.
  • ValueOps. Our AI-driven Agile business management solution helps you define your objectives, outcomes, and development plans and gives early visibility into whether you are achieving your desired KPIs and outcomes. In real time, our solution aggregates and connects intelligence on investments, people, teams, work, and processes from across the organization, so you can improve the flow and predictability of work.


Today, agility is an imperative for digital business success. Agility must be driven by unwavering purpose, one that is aligned with the needs of customers and the goals of the business. Agility with purpose is what enables businesses to proactively navigate shifting market dynamics, rather than waiting to respond. With the Digital BizOps solution, your organization can harness the holistic information that’s needed to innovate rapidly, optimize business operations, and continuously align work to strategy. In short, you can make your enterprise a digital business that scales. To learn more, be sure to visit


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