Today, teams are operating more autonomously than ever before. Consequently, data necessary for informed insights gets locked in silos – preventing progress, inhibiting collaboration, insights, and innovation.

How can businesses rectify this issue? Digital BizOps is a new framework that companies can use to optimize their software development and delivery to meet or exceed business objectives. Just as DevOps joins the development and IT operations functions to pursue a goal, BizOps joins technology and business functions to one another to better achieve Digital Transformation business goals. Leading analyst firms and VCs describe BizOps as a new technology-assisted approach to decision-making, one where business and ops teams develop fundamentally new ways to store, analyze, and report on data.

Here at Broadcom, we’re embarking on a Biz-Ops driven approach. Digital BizOps from Broadcom is powered by a software intelligence platform called This solution combines AI-driven automation, machine learning and open source technologies to provide a new level of cross correlated insights that help deliver successful planning, better development and autonomous remediation for apps post deployment.

In this new video, Kieran Taylor, Head of Marketing for the Enterprise Software Division at Broadcom, walks through how you can get started with Digital BizOps and three ways your company can improve the effectiveness of your IT Operations Management, DevOps and Product Planning teams with this new framework. Watch it today to learn more.


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