Optimize Alignment and Flow of Value


Market leaders do more than just move fast—they are continuously seeking ways to improve alignment across the organization, ensuring resources are directed to the most strategic business objectives. We can give you the visibility to align business, IT and software organizations so execution is always driving towards your business strategies. 
Our AI-driven Agile business management solution helps you define your objectives, outcomes, and development plans and gives early visibility into whether you are achieving your desired KPIs and outcomes. In real time, our solution aggregates and connects investments, people, teams, work, and processes from across the organization, so you can can optimize the entire flow of business value from beginning to end.

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Too Much Work, Too Little Time

Seventy percent of transformation efforts fail.  It€™s a statistic that's been thrown around for 25 years, most recently cited by McKinsey. PMI reports that 9.9% of every dollar spent on projects is wasted - and that's an improvement on previous studies. There are...

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Actively Manage Your Products. Or Fail.

Organizations have limited amounts of money available for investment, and that investment has to generate a substantial return – achieving all of the goals and objectives that have been set for the reporting period, while also moving the organization closer to...

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Top 3 Reasons to do Big Room Planning

When you have delivery teams dispersed across different locations, planning can get messy. Luckily, collaborative planning in one big room has proven to be an effective remedy to this situation. In fact, here at Rally Software, we’ve been doing Big Room Planning since...

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