Disruptive competitors and discerning customers have companies shifting to agile development practices in order to deliver better customer experiences — fast and effectively. However, many organizations are finding that traditional planning and execution methods don’t provide the overall benefits of switching to agile. To be successful, companies must shift not only their development practices, but also their strategic and financial planning practices to an agile mindset by leveraging the power of agile and PPM solution capabilities.

In this webinar guest speaker, Margo Visitacion, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, will discuss how organizations can evolve toward agile planning and funding practices by:

– Rethinking business cases for agile at scale
– Discovering how agile financial planning requires lean thinking
– Prioritizing investments based on customer lifecycles and value streams
– Driving continuous funding allocations to support an agile business
– Using fast feedback in agile delivery to validate funding decisions

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